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I am not your princess, not a brat, and not your Mistress. If you are looking for a hot mess you can control via a faux power exchange to breath life into your stale existence, get off of my page. Blackmail” itself is an illegal & criminal act which is punishable on the federal level (“the action, treated as a criminal offense, of demanding money from a person in return for not revealing compromising or injurious information about that person”). On the other hand, “Consensual Blackmail” is not criminal, nor illegal, in & of itself (despite being looked upon with general contempt by the legal community). There is no legal definition for such, nor is there a standardized (or generally accepted) definition for it.

Despite this, I presently accept the following definition for Consensual Blackmail: “The act (generally concerning entertainment) of a person giving another person (or people) written (or verbal) permission to release (disclose) sensitive (potentially damaging) information (concerning the prior person), and/or agreed upon falsehoods/embellishments (concerning the prior person), if previously agreed upon actions (terms) are not met by the person (concerning the information).”

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Consensual-Blackmail, which can also go by Erotic-Blackmail (i.e. Eroticized Blackmailing), is in most cases a Psychosexual Fetish used for adult entertainment, sexual activities, arousing role-plays, etcetera. When Consensual-Blackmail becomes just Blackmail, and vice versa, is a land filled with debate. The line between Legal Blackmail & Illegal Blackmail, if there even happens to be one per-se, is not only thin, but it also extremely blurred –clouded to such an extent that it can make one wonder if the entire Fetish is beyond the so-called ethical-line.

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There are those who say that only 'Real'-Blackmail would be exciting, and that Erotic-versions wouldn't. There are several reasons why I generally use the term "Erotic-Extortion" in lue of "Consensual-Blackmail." Yes, someone gives "consent" to the Blackmail Contract via their signature. Thus, many erroneously feel that there's nothing to fear (besides for what they've directly put upon themselves). Quite the contrary, most do not understand the meanings, implications, details, et cetera within a Contract (due to skimming, arousal, confusion per ad hoc legalese, misunderstandings, and so forth). In there resides things to truly fear!

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