Phone Sex

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"Chat" with me, grovel & prove your worth to hear

Hell is my realm, torture is my profession. I am a succubus, a sex
demon who demands your total submission and craves
your life force. I can be any woman you want me to be. I live
in your sexual dreams and your erotic essence feeds me. I do
not require much from you human, just your lust, desire, and
pleasures. I can be naughty, or nice, but never innocent. My
talents are many, from my tongue to my hands and yes even
my pussy. My talented tail will stroke your balls while the
back of my throat caresses the tip of your cock. I feed off the
pain that my sharp fangs and nails cause as I drag them down
your hard cock, or the satisfaction that you feel while I whip
your ass and make you whimper, squirm and beg for me
to whip you again. It is easier to tell you what I find disgusting
and will not allow from you mortal:

Anything that goes against Niteflirt policies!

I am older than this planet and have survived living among
what you refer to as demons, so I have seen and done most of what you
Humans call deviant behavior.

fulfill my needs, quench my hunger, and in exchange I will
quench those desires, but only long enough to make you
return for more.

I cater to many BDSM and sensual domination fantasies such as:

  • sensual domination
  • intense cruelty for the serious masochist.(Challenge me...I DARE you)
  • fantasy storytelling
  • financial domination.(I have VERY expensive tastes. I hate diamonds but love Muzo emeralds!)
  • roleplay
  • body worship(you will have to buy my photos to see the true me)
  • tease and denial
  • CBT
  • male chastity control(I might let you even caress the key for me!)
  • guided maturbation
  • orgasm control
  • ruined orgasm
  • objectification(all you are to me is a source of food, Remember That!)
  • small penis humiliationno human male can compare to a Demon's massive don't lie to me.)
  • spanking
  • methodical anal dildo training(your tight man-ass is mine mortal)
  • Goddess worship(though I am much stronger and more beautiful than ANY goddess)
  • slave training
  • boot/hoof worship
  • bondage
  • If you don't see your favorite theme, beg for it and I might consider adding it.
  • I refuse to read your mind, as I do have some scruples, nor do I want to
    really know how you have cheated on me with those frail mortal females
    in my absence. If you do not tell me a dream and give me some
    guidance, I will take you by your tiny cock and lead you thru my
    dreams, and I warn you that my dreamWILLlast at least 30 minutes, and your punishment if you do not last that long will be my cloven
    hoof grinding what you call balls and what I will assume are marbles
    into the hard floor as you lay spread eagle, exposed in front of me.