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Cassidy Glitterz

Let’s Try Something Different, Honey

Let’s Try Something Different, Honey

Diary of a Bored Wife:

Dear Diary,

Today is the millionth time that my husband and I have done the same, boring, routine type of love-making.

I have told him over and over in so many ways that I want to spice things up. I’m tired of doing things in the bed, missionary-style,

lights off, and the whole thing taking less than 15 min. That is so boring. I read all of the latest sex books and have

watched more porn than my husband has. I want something like in those books and flix. He was my first and we’ve been married for a little

over 5 years and my body is craving him only but I also want variety. I personally want to try a certain position:

me on top straddling him as he sits down in a chair or even on the bathroom counter.

I want foreplay. I want him to taste me for longer than 2 or 3 minutes. I want him to just stay down south

until I am satisfied- whether it be 20 min or an hr or longer. I want us to feed each other strawberries,

pieces of chocolate, or whatever. I want things to slow down and just enjoy each other.


Bored Housewife