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Lizzie--Intelligent and Mature

Are my legs distracting you? Pay attention :)

I'm Lizzie.

I'm a quiet-spoken, mature, introverted woman who lives very happily alone in a cabin in the woods. I do phone sex for a living so that I can stay at home and watch nature go by, yes, but also because I love to hear the sound of a man who is turned on. I love the intimate anonymity of faceless phone sex.

I am very smart, well-educated and articulate. I've found over the years that this is both a blessing and a burden. I'm also a deeply intuitive listener, and I value kindness above just about everything else. Apparently just to keep me humble, I've also been blessed with ADD, which keeps life around me ... interesting.

I've lived a quietly non-conforming life. If there was a path not taken, I took it. I'm not quite off the grid (yet) but I'm pretty darned close to the edge of it. I don't care a whole lot about what other people think of me, but because what I do affects people I love, you won't see entire pictures of me here and you won't see me on cam--sorry :)

I have almost no inhibitions or unwelcome topics. I'm deeply spiritual and have a remote and mystical side, but I'm also immensely practical and objective. What turns you on is what turns you on, and my job and my fun (and my turn-on) is to make that happen for you over this clandestine intimate erotic connection.

I have what I think is a great sense of humor. Some people think it's goofy, others think it's a little too weird. Whatever. I enjoy finding the fun in things!

I, I, I . . . call me and tell me about you now.


Sensual Domination ~ Fantasy Lovemaking ~ Erotic Hypnosis
Intelligent Conversation ~ Mutual Masturbation ~ MILF ~ Role Play

Pictures of my legs

It seems I forgot something important. I should have remembered this--
men are visual creatures!

I'm a bit over 5'5". Or a bit under 5'6". The perfect height to wear a pair of four-inch heels nicely--but to hold my own in a pair of flats as well. Around 145 pounds, reasonably well-distributed. My bra size is 34C and you'll just have to make your best guess about my panty size. A lady likes to leave something to the imagination! And if you think I wax there, consider how eager you might be to wax there yourself. Indeed. No thank you.

I have very fair skin, the kind that burns if the sun peeks at it. Blue eyes that can be a playful royal blue, a grave gray, a paradoxical violet, or a misty green depending on the light and what I am wearing. Once upon a time my hair was straight, fine, and honey-blonde. Now it's naturally curly, fine, silky-soft, dark blonde with a sprinkling of salt, and grown to the middle of my back. When it's loose and the sun shines through it, suddenly the honey shade returns . . .

Personally, I think I rather resemble the Queen of Denmark (though younger).

And why not?