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Princess Cassandra Rose

♡Reprogrammed into A Sissy Bimbo FuckDoLL♡

Hi there BITCH. U ready to start tingling butterflies all over as you read my words you will quickly see I'm the Miss you have been in search of.. U wish to be Pet Bimbo Fuck Dolly to The Princess? HmmMmm i know.. I know your weaknesses, your desires, your cravings to live as my little dirty girl. Whether to be completely transformed and serve as my little bitch, or as other fuckdolls are much more desperate and eager with deeper yearnings and cravings to suck and swallow loads upon loads of cock, and therefore loads and loads of warm gooey cummies for Princess.. to serve a line of studs on your knees as they fuck your pathetic sissy face. You're nothing but a cock sucking little bitch, now, put that mouth and ass to work for princess.. are u brave enough to truly endure my reprogramming and transformation? Are you ready to make use of ALL your sweet sissy holes? ALL FOR PRINCESS?

Aww.. a new potential siss priss 4 princess 2 play with. Her wants2 be Princess's pet dolly. A purty lil bimbo fuck doll. The perfect lil sissy doll for Princess to play with. Are you prepared to do whatever Princess asks of you in order to mold and transform you as I see fit? Don't worry, we can move slow but ultimately I will have you wrapped ever so tightly around my bratty bossy fingers as my newest pet fuck doll. Prepare to be dangling like a puppet at my every command, as I toy with, tease, torment and subject you to the most extreme levels of humiliation. Princess will strip u of the little dignity you have left by forcing you to stop resisting and begin accepting your sissyslut perversions by allowing them to take over your mind. Just how far will you go with Princess and her power of persuasion to push you to new limits, explore new territories.. and I will enjoy every moment of your torment.

JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY as Princess begins to transform you into the Slutty cock sucking little faggot bitchboy, cum bucket bitch, soon to be super gimme girly bimbo fuck doll, u were always meant to become..
Don't worry darling, you're not gay. And I have a sure fire way for you dear, to suck all the cock you desire, in order to suffice those slutty cravings, while not being gay. But are you ready to finally carry out those fantasies of being a cum dump BiMbObitch? Good girl. I knew you would sooner or later. Come to princess darling, i know you need this.
Butterflies yet?
I told you. BITCH.

Welcome to My world. I am Princess Cassandra Rose, the ultimate MANIPULATIVELY charming, deviant, mindfucking ALPHA BRAT you have been in search of. Heartbreaker MasterManipulator. I am everything you dream of, everything you desire, and everything you will never EVER have..

The Princess, her beauty, her deviant mind, her manipulative ways, glows with such a regal confidence. You feel helpless, ever so vulnerable, you have to experience my style of domination for yourself. Now is your time.Princess will undoubtedly remind you of how truly insignificant you really are, as you Crawl to This opportunity to serve A TRUE FEMDOM PRINCESS.

Princess was born to use, abuse, tease, toy and torment you pathetic shits and exercise her power over you so called men. Forcing you to do anything I want for my benefit and amusement, is what I was born to do, and gives me much pleasure..

A GORGEOUS GODDESS PRINCESS ON THE PHONE WITH A LOSER LIKE YOU. Quite exciting isn't it? You have came to terms I'm the perfect Princess you have been in search of and ur finally brave enough to meet my acquaintance and begin worshiping princess, but like the loser that you are, you're still fearful, Stuttering fumbling your words. You can barely gather your thoughts to spit out a fucking word. AWW isn't that cute! You're already so very intimidated. HAHA Lucky you, to be connected to such a sexy Princess as she lives out her princess life.. to know that a young gorgeous sexy spoiled brat, the kind of girl you could never ever have, is on the other end of that line.. excites you greatly doesn't it darling?

Prepare to fall deep under my spell. Listen very closely as Princess seductively torments you.. teases you.. torments you.. exercising her proverted skills, implementing her control over you. My luscious perfect pouty lips, sending subliminal thoughts planting seeds in your bimbo brain. Mesmerizing you further with my giggles and deviant charm. You too, will soon be caught in my little sparkly glamorous web, where there is no escaping. Soon you will be addicted and wrapped around my perfectly manicured greedy fingers.
Pamper, spoil, and worship a true princess.
You may now call and greet your new addiction, LOSER

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