Phone Sex

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Oh, you don't know what you're walking into

Oh, I already know where you are looking. That's it little one, take a good look. Resisting me is impossible! I know how to make you squirm, and serve, and obey. You feel you need to get closer to me, don’t you sweet boy? You need to be in my life, know everything there is to know about me. Change yourself in any way you can to make me happy. You already crave to hear My sexy voice, need My laughter that humiliates you. you need to be a little puppet for such a beautiful Goddess to amuse herself with! I know what you need, little one . You see, I have talked to little boys just like you before. I know how you think. I know exactly where your thoughts are right now. Just a few minutes with me and I will intoxicate you. I will be deep in your mind and there won't be anything you can do but embrace me implanting myself deep within your psyche. You'll always know you feel safe to share all those private dirty thoughts and fantasies. Even the ones you don't know about yet ;) Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Your desire to call me is getting stronger. You're getting hungrier and more ravenous ...needier.. LOOK at MY beautiful breasts! You NEED to admire and worship them, don't you, little one? Come closer sweet boy, so close you can smell my hair. One thing I will know very quickly is what it takes to turn you on like you never have been before! I know you ache and crave to serve me. I know how hard your little cock is right now. Will you break when I humiliate you? Do you need me to dress you up in those cute frilly panties you think I don't know about? Do you need to have that little dick belittled (pun totally intended)? Before you know it, you will be lost in my world reaching the heights of ecstasy that are way beyond your imagination. Time to learn My desires and show Me what a good boy you are. Show me how much you can give me. I know you wish you could see My pretty pussy dont you! Shame you will never see what's under my panties. That's the power of MY magical perfect pussy, dear! That's the power of my words, my voice. You are just a phone call away…you can't resist me? Why bother trying.