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Be IGNORED by a 26 year old psychology major

So, you think you're good enough to keep a dime of that hard-earned money in your wallet or bank account? Think again, puss boy. You don't deserve a single red cent to your name. You know why? Because you're going to submit, bow down and confess every single dirty fucking secret your pathetic ass has ever held back while I do nothing but ignore your pathetic swine ass.

College isn't cheap and neither is my time. Your only purpose in life from now on is to hand over everything. Hear me work, shop, study, party, fuck, get ready for my dates, etc. You're not worth the effort to even say, "Hello." to.

Not only will I drain your wallet, but I'll have you draining every drop of cum from your nutsack too. If you're married, not only will your wife not get a dime but she won't get a single fucking drop of cum from you either. That bitch doesn't deserve it and neither do you. I do. So hand it all over, piggy.

Sit back and listen, watch and cry those pathetic little eyes out as you hear the ding of the cash register while I take all your money to buy the things that I deserve.

If you think this is a game... think again, honey. You cannot even begin to fathom the torment that is about to come your way once I get a hold of you and your perverted little secrets.

You better be prepared, little piggy. From here on out, you're nothing but a walking ATM to me.

The only fucking you'll get out of me is a nice, long, hard mind fucking.

So what are you waiting for? Call me now and let the games begin. Kiss your money good-bye.