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Mistress Pinky Galore

Exposed Sissies * Exploited Men * Exposure Fetish

Have you been dreaming of giving up control, forfeiting your privacy, and
becoming a public display of debauchery? Omg!
Have you been wondering what it feels like to be put on blast for EVERYONE to see you?
Do you find yourself not only blushing from embarrassment but also swelling with anticipation?


You're in luck! Not only do I encourage those dreams,
but I enable you into making them come true!
It's SO EASY to join in the fun!
Male Exploitation: Get exposed by Miss Pinky Galore!!!
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Bimbo Sissy Brainwash clip

Get high off your low points. Embrace your shame!
Call and tell me how you lust for social media public exposure.
Let's talk about how your life is going to be ruined from being shown off to all of my friends and followers! What if someone who knows you is in my audience???
LOL and if they knew that YOU wanted this to happen? That you begged for it? That you PAID for it!!! OMG!
Let's talk about whether or not you can handle it and how much I don't care about your feelings muahahhahahahahahhah!
Willing victims should call this line for exploitation purposes only.
I will use you for the attention whore that you are!

Addiction comes quickly.

My voice is a velvet wave of narcotic euphoria.
You're going for the ride of your life,
so I encourage you to loosen your mind, your wallet, and your limits!
You can't resist my Arsenic Aphrodisiac!.
Using you turns me on!

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