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you're such a pervert. there is something about a real Man's boots, or expensive shoes and socks that not only turns you on, but when worn by a Dominant Alpha male, it's enough to remind you of your true place in the world.

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you know the place I'm speaking of. it's down on your hands and knees. whimpering and obediently serving like the devoted, submissive, boot, shoe, and sock worshiping puppy you really are.

of course I appreciate your perversion, in fact, I am one of the few people that truly understands how to take advantage of your sick and perverted little fetish.

after all, we both know your adoration for a real Man's footwear is just your idea of teasing foreplay before you get to His bare feet

call Me and let's talk about it. I understand what you need

Wild Eyed Southern Guy

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safe, sane, and intelligent Domination for men, women, and all you sexy "gyrls"

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