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Madame Dragonfly

✿ ✄ ❀Still think you're a man? We'll see.❀ ☿ ✿

The Perfect Place for Makeup, Sugar, and Lace~!

I see you possess a certain enthusiasm for donning feminine clothes. Anyone can tell the signs of a sissy in the making. You may not even realize it, but after spending some time with me you will find that I can take you to your true potential.

You may at first claim yourself a man but we call know that won't last for very long. The very thought of slipping into a pair of silken panties makes your legs tremble.

I can understand how that delicate fabric can be so enticing to feel against your skin. Its the only thing that feels natural, I know. But I can take you even further.

The first steps of becoming a real woman is admitting that that is your ultimate desire. No use in hiding it when we all know what your really wearing underneath that suit. I shall guide you on all the ways of becoming a woman. Just follow my voice and feel those breasts swell up.

And let's not forget one of the fun points of being a lady! The accessories! I can be your shopping buddy and give you all sorts of tips on what to look out for and buy. We all need a friend to help us find what we look good in dear.

It can be so very refreshing to finally be able to have someone to talk to about this stuff, girl to girl.