Phone Sex

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Come worship My feet while I drain you!

This is a shout out to all those pigs who know how to please Me. Time to reach into those deep pockets and pull out that fat wallet. I’m in the mood for some intense financial domination phone sex. I'm not going to be gentle with you at all. I know that I’m the only thrill in your sad pathetic dull life. Each monotonous day that passes, you spend it thinking of My perfection It’s pretty clear to the both of *U/us that no woman in her right mind will touch that dic-tack I mean, if you can’t physically satisfy a woman, might as well do it financially. It will be the only thing your good for anyway. I know that every time I make you open that wallet and pull out that cash...I’m really violating you. And being violated by a bombshell like Me really stimulates that dick-clit wanna be shaft. To Me love can be so fickle and fades away, but things are forever. And for a materialistic bitch like Me, that is just perfect. So keep on spending and supporting My wild lifestyle. I mean, you don’t seriously expect Me to actually go out and get a job do you? I’m a Goddess that can’t be bothered to worry about silly things like work when I have My perfect looks to keep up with. I really get off when those numbers decrease on your accounts and increase Mine. But that won’t be enough to satisfy me, I always want more. I love to be showered with presents. The best clothes, toys, jewels are exactly what a Princess should get. So sit down and open that wallet and beg Me to worship like the swine piece of shit you are....