Phone Sex

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Ripley here, a soft, slim 5'4" transsexual with a round bubble butt and a thick, hard cock.

Maybe I'll allow you to touch me or even have my precious member in your mouth, but you'll have to earn those privileges.

Payment for such honors includes the following:

Total and complete worship of this body and the goddess within it. Stroke my ego like you'd stroke my cock. I require romance and poetry, not any of those shit lines you use at the bar on those Other Girls. My spear is only awarded to a Shakespeare.

Your unrelenting submission and humiliation. Stress-testing your testicles under my foot, spitting in your mouth so you can dream of how I taste, dressing you in my clothes to let your inner-sissy shine -- these are merely the opening acts in the production that is Your Degradation. You're dealing with a princess that demands all her subjects be slapped and thrown around to remind them of how lowly they truly are.

Assholes for my cock's plundering. The tighter the better, but I'll settle for wider, more worn holes as they can hold more of my prized cum. Really, either will do because, let's face it, you'll be licking any spillover off the floor anyway.

Think you can handle me? Give me a call and prove it.