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My name is Ember Fae.


But you will only call me by "Mistress".


You are merely another pervert in the sea of men rushing to get a taste of me. Today is not your lucky day.


Do you honestly think you're different form the other scum who call me? Begging me to give them that "sweet release"? You aren't. You know, deep down in that corrupted soul, that you are the same as every other maggot who calls me up. I don't do you favors. You do me favors.


You won't get spoiled like some mistresses let you be. That's impossible here. You'll be thanking me as you lap up load after load. You'll be screaming as I demand you to whip yourself with a belt. You'll beg me for mercy before we even reach the half way point. And the best part is: there is no escape.


Maybe if you're an obediant slut and you visit me often I'll finally cum on the phone. That is, if you can please me. Good luck though. Nobody can.


Why are you still touching yourself? Get your filthy hands away from that dirty prick of yours. Pick up the phone and call me. The longer I wait, the more impatient I become. The more impatient I become, the more pain you will be in.


You may be wondering where all of the pictures are of me. You don't get any without paying the price. Some day you may get lucky.


For the best experience with me, you need to please me by purchasing my
30-Day Sub Contract, sending you headfirst into emotional, physical, and financial domination. This will ensure that you please nobody but me. We will set up a personally tailored contract fitted to your lifestyle. If you choose not to please me, get ready for real blackmail. I will expose you for the lowlife pervert you are if you choose not to listen. If I give you a task that you can't fulfill, be ready to pay the price.


Be my dirty slave.


Want to get on my good side?

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