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Ms Inara Stark

Reverend Stark: I'll Take Away Your Sins

DID YOU KNOW you can buy files and photos from my Goodies tab. You sinners and blasphemy fetishists should check out Reverend Stark's Confessional Trance, available for purchase from my Goodies Store:

Click here to listen to a free sample and try to tell me you don't want more....

My hours are 12:30pm-12:30am Monday-Friday. If I am away, send me NF mail to schedule a call with me.

Beg for your punishment....

You have always wanted to cast your soul into the fire of one of the last true taboos. You have always wanted to submit to the absolutely forbidden woman. You are embarrassed to say you can’t enter a church without thinking of strict discipline, humiliation, and bodily mortification. You dream of a woman in black that will punish you, train you, someone that you can worship, that can show you the Way. Now you can live that dream. I am Reverend Stark - I will save your soul.

Does the guilt keep you up at night? All the dirty sins, the filthy thoughts you can’t believe are going through your head...they worry you, don’t they?

The desires, the weak flesh, the temptations of the world - you can’t resist them.

You are a sinner. You are a sinner deep down, always and forever, marked by the Dark Lord as his minion. You are the maid of the Whore of Babylon. You are a beast in training, you drool, you crawl, you rut, you beg.

You will cower before me. I alone can save you for another night. I can keep the darkness at bay. I have complete power over you. I am your salvation. I can make it all better if you just say the word….

Reverend Stark’s Seven Sacraments (specialties include)

Initiation - Instructions on how to leave your former sinful ways, how to serve me, and how to identify temptations.

Confession - When you fail -and you will- you will crawl to me and beg my forgiveness, you will beg for your own absolution.

This is My body - Worship my mortal form - my legs, my feet, my ass, and more.

Assimilation - you will be programmed to be part of my personal church of worshippers. Deviant sinners in need of mind control will especially enjoy this one.

Anointing - Revel in the perfumes, potions, and oils in my cabinet - let’s talk about makeup and costumes - perfect for you sissies and girly sluts!

Holy Orders - Your suffering will be intense. JOI, homework, tease and denial, chastity - you will obey whatever penance I give you.

Collaring - Be mine forever.

There are so many ways to earn your Salvation:

You can Call the Reverend - We should join hands and pray for your sinful soul

You may want to send me messages. I will respond via Pay to View emails (text only) - If you are too shy, or unable to talk for whatever reason, I can tell the tale of your damnation via email - for a price.

I warn you, however, that I like testing your devotion with Raising the Rate- This is exactly what it says - but I up the ante each time until you pray for forgiveness.

Finally, you can show your devotion to me by Tithing (Tributing) - Render unto Stark what is Stark’s. See the buttons below to send me a gift.

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