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✸Experienced Goddess for sub males and beta boys ✸

Old World Charm and a delicious knowledge that I deserve to be
treated like the Queen I am is just the right recipe to make you
weak in your knees, feel the urge to surrender, please me,
and follow me into the divine world of female domination
and male submission.

Professional Dominatrix I know what I want and can expect
from those worthy of being called my submissives,
servants, pets, slaves, and devoted bitch boys.

I want and deserve it all. Your devotion, your obedience,
your willingness to explore the most hidden secret desires
of your kinky nature under my strict but loving guidance,
and in due time your love.

Sensual, teasing, nurturing and the right amount of strictness
to keep you at your best submissive self,
I take the burden of decision making from you.

Once you enter into my world you leave your Ego at the door
and give yourself in humility to me,
with perfect love and perfect trust,
to become my pet, slave, submissive plaything and eager devotee.

I expect honesty, intelligence, an ability to communicate their
desires - fears - and needs to me, sincerity, manners, and integrity
from those seeking to become enslaved and
conditioned by me at all times.

I do not force anyone into submission, nor should I have to.
If you need to be forced into giving your submission then
you are not slave or sub material.

Serving me is an honor and will give you the purpose
which you so desperately need.
I will take the raw clay that you are and over time
mold you into the perfect jewel of which I
can be proud of claiming as my own.

My approval, my smile, my laughter, and my guidance
will make you want to be a better man for me.
Pleasing me and giving me a reason to count you as my good boy,
will become the most important thing in your life.

I am looking for a few hard working and intelligent submissive
gentleman who feel the deep seated need to surrender them-selves
to a natural female authority figure, and who understand that
their purpose is to become my sweet bitch (beta male)
and to do all that is necessary to make my life one of
bliss, pleasure, ease and joy.

Are you the one I am looking for?
Can you put me first as your beloved Goddess and Queen?
Are you eager to sacrifice for me and give me the
obedience, devotion, and servitude I deserve?

Let's find out.
Pick up the phone now and introduce yourself to me.
Let's explore the possibilities together and see if you
can find a place at my feet and under my strict but loving control.

It all starts with an honest conversation,
open communication, and the desire to finally come
home to the place you always dreamed to belong to.

Fetish boys are welcome,
sincere submissive gentlemen are preferred.

1-800-863-5478 ext: 10582353

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