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Tickling can be awfully fun, or a terrible form of torture!

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Tickles can be soft and sensual, playful and fun (knismesis). If a victim is very ticklish, even a tiny light feather-like tickle can seem like torture! For others, it may be a source of great pleasure, even sexual or erotic pleasure. It can be a sign of affection, or gentle dominance.

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A tickle can also be intense, brutal, and rough (gargalesis). Tickling can be malicious and used for interrogation, especially with prolonged or extended sessions, or extreme in intensity. Tickling can be used to dominate, harrass, humiliate, punish, prank or pay back the person who is being tickled.

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Tickling is most commonly performed with the ticklers fingertips and hands. However it can also be performed with any other body part, such as a tongue, beard, or genitals. An infinite array of implements can also be used - feathers, brushes, pine cones, sticks, fur, or even more complex tools like a vacuum cleaner or an electric toothbrush.

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I'm recently discovering how much sexy fun tickling can be. I've had a few experiences that have brought to mind times when I was helpless and tickle-tortured as I squirmed and screamed... and how that taught me to be a good tickler, too - my long, slim fingers perfectly finding every ticklish spot, listening to my victim beg for mercy.

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Above all, though - I adore being tickled. I love it when someone can bring me to helpless peals of laughter. Even over the phone, just the words "tickle, tickle, TICKLE!!" can break me down to a helpless squirming hysterical little thing in no time at all.

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< When I tickle someone else, what turns me on the most are all the awkward movements and sounds of my prey. Having you in peals of laughter until you are wet (with tears of course, lol), or hearing you beg for mercy (knowing that I am merciless) are some of my favorite moments. Do you think you can stand up to hearing my "coochie coochi coo!!", knowing that my tickling fingers are about to pounce on your most tender delicate parts?

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I'm not giving up until I achieve satisfaction, darling. I'm gonna getcha!

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