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Ms Inara Stark

I don't need your money - I like it.

Financial Slavery is a commitment and a calling. This is not for everyone. I don't know if it's for you. You may not even know. But if you are curious, you need to peer into the abyss.As the title of this listing says - I don't need your money. I want to see how far you will let yourself go. How far can you let that thread of sanity unravel?

As Ayn Rand says, "Economic power is exercised by means of a positive, by offering men a reward, an incentive, a payment, a value"...I am going to lift her quote slightly out of context to illustrate the power of a Mistress. I do not chase you - I uplift you. I do not beg from you - I teach you. I do not whine and stomp my feet - I collect that which already belongs to me. If you literally pay your respects, you will be rewarded. If you do not, than you do not do business with Me.

Therein lies my power: I am a woman, a free agent. But you are a man, and thus always will be enslaved to your desires, on some level. Why not recognize the truth and embrace this slavery? Financially serving Me, understanding My economic power can only better your life. I offer you incentive to think carefully about money and its uses. I demand that you take neither it nor Me for granted. By serving Me, you are obliged to open your mind and think farther than the span of your own erection. Can you do it?

This is a fetish about money and payment. It is not a fetish about timewasting and bargain-hunting. You will respectfully realize the value of capital as it applies to Me, and act accordingly.

I want to talk about your money. I want to get personal with your secret financial life. This is the last taboo. How much do you make? How much do you wish you made?

How long have you had the feeling that your greatest pleasure would come from handing over your money to an alluring, powerful woman? Do you long to be ruined? Do you wish you could truly be drained and used by a Mistress? Perhaps you feel guilty over your good fortune, like an inappropriate hard-on. Maybe you want to reliever some of that burden. It's so much pressure being expected to make money, to keep it, to have a big wad in your pocket. Maybe you secretly think you're not man enough, hmm?

Are you already trying to tempt fate and ruination? How much are you spending a month on phone sex? How much on porn? What lies are you telling to cover your spending? Come now, you have to be honest. I'm going to find out anyway and hold you accountable for your peccadillos. I'd rather not drag a confession out of you, but if I must, I must. I have my ways.

Simply put: you will pay. That is the essence of this fetish. This is the entire point, the transfer of money from your hands to mine, where it will be far better spent. You surrender all claim on your money, and I will use it as I see fit. You know I'm far superior to you anyway.

You will pay me by calling, tributing, buying goodies, and combinations thereof. Alternatively, you may engage me via email for PTV/raise the rate games which I enjoy. These may consist of me quizzing you about your financial fetish habits and your need to surrender your money to a Mistress, among other topics. These will be delivered in PTV emails set at a price of my choosing, and the amount does indeed go up.

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Money to Burn MINDWIPE findom/financial domination, mind control, hypnosis long 30.00

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Find the Money Findom 4 pages 20.00 a page

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