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A Submissive girl to take care of your needs

I stand alone on the vast checkered board, eyes cast down on a cold black square, frozen, trapped in quicksand. I feel the fear build inside like a giant wave, filling me with a sense of dread that I would be destined to be alone, glued to this one black square, until I melted into the floor and ceased to exist. I try to swallow the fear, willing myself to make a move on the board… left… right…left... but my feet stand resolved to leave me to my fate. Then, out of the roaring silence I hear a voice in the dark calling to me, gently coaxing me to open my eyes and follow his lead. He says “Move left my pet” and I step to the left square as my body reveals to me it’s true master. Left, right, forward, he says, and like a moth to the flame I draw closer, only faintly aware that he is drawing closer as well, countering me step for step. As he comes to stand in front of me, I can feel the ice around my heart start to melt and suddenly I am fearful again...What if I drown? What if I let him trap me where I stand? As if he can hear my thoughts he reaches down and places his fingers under my chin, lifting my eyes to meet his and as he smiles at me I realize he is all at once the cure to the painful void in my heart and the gravity holding me to the planet, a compass created specifically to lead me to my true, free self. I feel the fear drain from my body and I am instantly calm, assured of my purpose in the universe. As he leans closer to me, drawing his lips to mine, I let my walls, my fear, and myself go, surrendering to my one true master, and I see the hint of a smile as he murmurs against my lips… “Checkmate”…