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Michelle Owns You

Using and Abusing The Weak! Goddess Decree Is Here

I’m Michelle, a flawless, fierce as fuck Goddess, new to NiteFlirt. Intoxicated by my perfect body and sexy voice, you’re already becoming entangled in my wicked web of seduction and control. Your cock tingles and twinges as you read my words. You’re already obsessed and unable to walk away. All you want to do is stroke, click, and obey Michelle.

You’re drawn to my aggressive and greedy nature like a magnet. It won’t be long until you’re addicted. The need to be controlled and ruined is deeply embedded in you. Nothing excites you more than stroking and paying. Nothing makes your pulse race quite like being fucked over. Nothing makes your heart beat as fast as when you think about being ruined, having your cash drained, and being discarded when it’s all gone and there isn’t even a dollar left in your account.

You love me more than you love yourself, so sacrifice for me. It feels so good to deprive yourself for me. While you might be accomplished and important in your vanilla life, in my world you’re reduced to clicking, stroking, obeying, and paying Goddess.

Maybe you’re just a lowdown, disgusting parasite. A fucking pig in need of degradation by a hot, young bitch. You know you don’t deserve anything but scorn and contempt. You’re an inadequate and inferior nothing, barely deserving of swallowing my spit. Well let me assure you, scorn, contempt, and degradation is all you’re going to get. My abuse is all you’re going to get. I mean, why the fuck would someone as hot as me be nice to someone as disgusting as you? No, I’m going to abuse you, use you up, and wash you down the drain.

So what would you do to be able to put your pig snout on the crack of my sexy ass and sniff it all in as you worship?

I bet you want permission to stroke your piggy prick and make your disgusting piggy puddle. Well, not yet, you parasitic pig. Spend before you spurt.



My Rules and Protocol

*Smirks* I know you want to stroke your piggy prick!
Well not until you pay your cum tax.
Click to find the right cum tax bracket.


Drop That Cash For Goddess Michelle!
$20   |   $50   |   $100   |   $250   |   $500

A Few Of My Favorite Things…
Total Control, Financial Domination, Blackmail, Wallet Raping, Money Slavery, Loser Abuse, Breaking You, Depriving You, Ruining You, Account Draining, Making You Live In Blissful Agony, Humiliation, Face Slapping, Cum Eating Instructions, Forced Sissy, Forced Cock Sucking, Small Penis Humiliation, Cuckolding, Goddess Worship, Ass Worship, Breast Intoxication, Foot Worship, Leg Worship, Cock Control, Tease and Denial, Slave Training, Paid Mail Training!

Some of My Finest Qualities…
Privileged * Snobby * Stuck Up * Controlling * Conceded * Better Than You * Manipulative * Way Out Of Your League * Greedy * Never Satisfied * Self Absorbed * Perfect * Blackmail Bitch * Narcissistic * Wallet Raper * Idiot Abuser * Unforgiving * Unrelenting * Demanding!

At My Feet...
With A Hard Cock...
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