Phone Sex

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Sly Lil Lindsay

Tease & Denial - Cum in your Pants 4 Me ♥

Please Note: Dominant Brat - Do Not Attempt to Dominate.
Oh, and I follow NF Policy, too. I do not do underage. Don't like it? Don't call.

Have you been thinking naughty thoughts about me, dirty boy? Lol! Of course you have! I make sure of it. You think it's a coincidence that I slip out of my clothes EVERY NIGHT in front of my bedroom window? With the lights on, AND the curtains open? Come on, you know I do it on purpose.

Sometimes I'll even touch myself a little just to ensure that you get a hard-on in your pants every time you see me. Well you can look all you want, cutie, but you know you can't touch! I'll touch you all I want, rub up against you, make you suck on my hard little nipples while you jerk your prick for me... but those hands better stay where I can see them, mister. Lol.

I love sitting on your lap and feeling that big tent in your pants twitch against me. If I didn't know better, I'd swear you were about to explode in your undies! Better not... if you finish too quickly I won't be able to have my fun with you, and that's no fair. Besides, you'd just be screwing yourself over. You know how badly you've been wanting to feel my wet panties pressed up against your face, and that's only the beginning. If you're a really good boy, I'll even....

Lol! Nope, not telling! You'll have to call and find out for yourself, dirty boy. ;)