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Kim Coquette

Losers, PAY to serve this smart Asian Princess...

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I know what makes you tick.

You feel inadequate. You feel like you could never hope to satisfy a beautiful Asian princess like me. You might be insecure because of your tiny prick, your poor physical appearance, or your general inability to be a man.

You're right! Sick, sad little freaks like you have NO chance of being with me. You are a beta male, and need to give up any attempt to compete with the Alphas. It will never happen for you. You will never have me.

There is only one thing you are good for.

The only sexual pleasure you are worthy of is being my personal slave. It will feel so good to just let go and let this Princess take control of your cock, your orgasms, your mind, and your wallet.

That's right. Your wallet.
Do you think I would waste time on pathetic little losers like you when men are lining up to fuck my tight little Asian pussy? NOPE. Freaks like you only get my time and attention when you have paid me handsomely for it.

Don't be fooled by my rate. It's low at first, so I have plenty of time to get into your sick little brain and figure out how to mind fuck you, but it will increase. As will my demand for tributes and gifts. Once you've learned that your only place in life is to serve me, you'll be so addicted that you will have no choice but to give me everything I want.


Kim in bed


Outside I look like the adorable girl next door, but inside I'm a demanding mistress who knows how to make men pay!

I'm very experienced in these methods of fucking your life:
Raise the Rate
Edging Games
Homework Assignments
Extreme Manipulation
Allowance Distribution
Discretionary Spending Sacrifice



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