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Professor Kodi

Come be the Mental Slave of an Intellectual Godess

What the fuck do you want? Do you really think I have time to acknowledge something as pathetic as you? I’m too educated for you. You’re a lowlife, an idiot, a fool. I’m all curves with a sharp mind. Why should I waste my time on a moron who is nowhere near the intellectual level that I am on?

Still here, hoping I might glance your way? If you don’t just move along, you may live to regret your desperation. Because if you insist on trying to get my attention, you just might succeed. Do you know how I treat pieces of shit like you?

You will become my slave. Any sense of personal identity you once had will melt away beneath my boot. Grovel at my feet. And lick my toes while you’re down there.

Let’s get something straight – I don’t need you. Your place is on your knees before me. You will do what I command. I will drain your mind, body, soul… and wallet. If you dare to try and win my affections, you will do so at your own expense. I am a greedy woman. I like nice things.

I have an idea, let’s play chess, or trivia. Something to emphasize just how stupid you are. That way I can laugh at you and bask in my mental superiority. But just so you’re aware, I’ll probably get bored of you quickly. You’re hardly worth any of my time. But if my affections begin to wane, tapping into my insatiable lust for money and power is the quickest way to my heart. In fact, I may never even bother to acknowledge your calls until you prove yourself to me first by feeding the greedy beast inside somehow. I’ll leave your method of attempt up to you.

Then again, you’re probably too stupid for that. How can you ever expect to please a mental goddess? I do like nice things, like pearls or books. A scholar without a book is like a master without a slave, am I right? Oh, you’re probably too dumb to get my humor, anyway. Even if you did buy me books, it’s not like I could discuss anything with someone as stupid as you. But it would be fun to do so just so you can remember how simpleminded you are.

Come be the mental slave of a mental goddess. Someone as vapid as you shouldn’t think for themselves, anyway. We wouldn’t want you hurting yourself, now would we? In fact, you can relinquish some of your control over that fat wallet, it would be safer with me, anyway. I’m the educated one, and you’re the obtuse fuck.

You may have money, but that’s all you have. I can smell how pathetic you are from here. If you come to me, be prepared because I will completely own and control you, I will mind-fuck your simple mind.

I don’t accept anything less than total submission. If you can’t handle that, move on. If you’re a failure at it (as I suspect you will be), but a promising little piece of shit, I may deign to train you. But I imagine you’re too stupid to learn anything. If you can’t accept being my simple-minded little bitch and letting me control your thoughts night and day, then don’t even bother me.

Tell me what you want – so that I can deny you of it. Your pathetic hopes and dreams, your fucked-up fantasies, your money - I want it all. I can’t wait to humiliate you, especially about how brain-dead you are. Dumb fucking brute, how can you ever hope to please someone as smart and well-educated as me?

You make me sick. But if you feed my greed, maybe I can stomach you for a time…

Married? I don’t care. In fact, that turns me on. I want to think about how you come to me, begging for mercy, and buy me nice things that please me, before going to bed with your wife with the hard-on that I gave you. Do it. Fuck her with that cock we both know belongs to me. Then tell me all about it later, in lurid detail, so that I can touch myself and drive you insane.

You want photos? Tough shit, you better earn them. I’m a thick chick with great pierced tits and a firm ass. I’m also new around the block, so you could be my first slave. The first is always the one we cherish the most. Wouldn’t you like to hold that honor, you sick, stupid little fuck? Hey, you want videos of me touching myself? Got to earn those, too. I’m not cheap. Show me you want it bad enough.

If you’re too much of a pussy to handle this side of me (as I suspect you are) you can call my other, cheaper lines:

Anything Goes (minus this, you fucking moron): Call Button

Role Play (Kinky Professor Kodi is holding office hours soon…):Call Button

But I can’t guarantee that I’ll ever respond to you… You’re not really worth my time. Want to make it worth my time? Like any powerful goddess I demand a sacrifice.

A miserly Token ($25)

A pathetic Token ($50)

A beggar's Token ($100)

You're Devoted, but I would still let your Crops Die ($250)

I suppose it's a Satisfying Sacrifice ($500)

The Goddess is Pleased with your Gift ($750)

You have Earned the Eye of Your Owner. Continue to Serve me Well and we shall Both Find Satisfaction ($999)

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