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Madame Dragonfly

☪Sensual Mind Play, Hypnotic Control, And More☭

A place with sensual erotic exploration of your mind and desires. I provide intimate sessions of diving deep into what ultimately defines and makes you.

You find yourself here looking for something different than the norm. Something amazing, peculiar and new. Because you are a man with unique tastes and needs to fulfill.

Look no further my poor dear. I know you have an emptiness inside you, a numbness that plagues you throughout the day. You're looking for sensation, anything to feel again.

My services range anywhere from therapeutic to lashing and cruel for the depraved souls out there. And I know you are there, lurking behind your screen. Fingertip hovering over your mouse, and trembling.

Because you know, that once you pick up that phone.You will know exactly who is in control. And relish every moment of it.

Let me be clear caterpillar, you have come to me for release. You are at MY mercy and MY control. Once you enter the cocoon you are mine absolutely and completely.

Why do I address you as caterpillars?

It's simple really. All insects are mindless and that is soon what you will be. You are in a pupate state right now, ready to undergo metamorphosis through my will and mine alone.

You can try to resist as long as you can. But I will be there, in the back of your mind. Haunting your thoughts until the inevitable outcome where you finally give in. And don't lie to yourself, because you WILL give in.

There are plenty of other pretty girls you can go find to be your submissive silly whore to bend over. But not here. And you love that

Quit denying yourself from discovering true release. You have found it and it is only a call away.

I offer sensual hypnotic experience as well as: Feminization, Sissy Training, CBT, Sex Change, Anal Training, Cross Dressing, Directed Masturbation, Orgasm Control & Denial, Humiliation, Slut Training, Body Worship, Physical and Emotional Domination, Forced Bisexuality, Toys, Bondage, Cock Sucking, Spanking, Cuckold, Small Penis Humiliation, And so Much More.The only limit would be your imagination.

Now the real question is: What will happen to the caterpillars that undergo the sensual metamorphosis? Will these mindless butterflies be devoured or spared by Madame Dragonfly?

The risk will set you over the edge. Know what it's like to play with a true predator.

Take note that if you have a particular desire that is not listed on the above be sure to mail and we can discuss the details. Communication is key for enjoyable calls! I also offer custom mp3's grafted uniquely to the needs met.