Phone Sex

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If you are lucky enough to speak with me you should be prepared to show your gratitude and appreciation in the form of servitude and compensation. We both know it is the only way you will ever interact with a princess like me. You aren't worthy and never will be, but you can buy yourself into my favor if your pockets and praise are deep enough. I will humiliate and belittle you on a whim. I will laugh at your pathetic appearance and weak mindedness. I will drain every last dollar out of your account and discard you like the worthless and inept man you truly are. You will cater to my needs and desires if you expect my time and attention. Anything less is unacceptable to a superior princess like me and you will be dealt with accordingly. Now, stop wasting time reading this ad over and over, grow half a nut and do as you are told. Pick up the phone and call me. My expenses aren't going to take care of themselves. That is your job, and it is the very least you should be doing for a true princess like me.

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