Phone Sex

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The first thing to do when entering a house full of DOMMES....... hit the floor bitch! And only speak when spoken to.
1. Take off all your clothes and throw them to the floor. We will dress you accordingly.
2. The wallet (this is most important) you will hand to me with a smile on your face, telling us your money is our money.
3. There is no safe word, it does not exist in this house EVER!


I am Queen SHEEBA! I am good at what i do because everyone i know grew up around this lifestyle. I only know one thing and that is men are only here to serve and obey. Some of you men grew up knowing this as well, so that means you wont get punished as much. The new ones are going to need to be broken down till you are nothing but putty in my hands.

WE LOVE THE FOLLOWING: Panty perverts, raise the rate game( we already have your wallet), cuckolding, forced bi, kink, bdsm lifestyle, fetishes, clothed female naked male (CFNM), boot worship, goddess worship, long term ownership, ruined orgasms and that's just the icing on the cake. OH MY THERE IS MUCH MORE. DON'T FUCKING WASTE OUR TIME! SHEEBA HAS SPOKEN.

Hi! I'm Adele, I'm sure you like the way that roles off your tongue. I'm a beautiful Domme and as all Dommes we have special needs. I can be really nice, but only when i want to be. Im not as strict as SHEEBA. Oops don't call her SHEEBA with out the QUEEN. Heeheehee only other Dom(mes) can do that. it would really get you into trouble. As i said i can be really nice and really mean.
Sometime I lose control. And I have a small crawlspace built just for slaves that don't want to act right. And a 13inch strap-on that I call my mandingo. Your ass is my pussy, with some cute little panties on. Bright red lipstick to show up while you are sucking my mandingo dick. I'm like a sickness that you won't ever get a cure for.

I'm CHLOE! you can address me as Princess! I think Mistress is so formal. lets get down to it. I'm a bitch, an evil one at that. I wanted to live here with other Dommes because I enjoy tag teaming sometimes, what can I say. I enjoy letting my anger out on you, and when I'm feeling evil there is always someone there for me to break. If you have not noticed its a woman's world. Submissive male slaves submit to female domination all the time. You are pathetic sissy bitch, cuckold losers, all of you. I'm here to give you a hard fucking til I'm satisfied. Your pain is my pleasure, what don't you fucking understand?

WOW! the best is always saved for last......... I'm Mistress Nicole, I'm a real life bitch and Domme! DON'T CALL IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SUBMIT. I love all kind of domination and fetishes. I love mindfucking you, draining your wallet till there is nothing left. calling your wife and friends while i listen, you telling them that you dont want them to come around anymore. Understand I am the sun and you are beneath me. You want to make me happy? drink the cum from my ass thats left by others that have a bigger dick, that I allow to fuck me, use your tongue as tissue when I'm done cuckolding you.

COME TO OUR HOUSE, TRUST ME, YOU WONT LEAVE, THATS A FUCKING PROMISE. We will all take turns on you. We have no respect for men as a whole, and love exploiting their weaknesses for own entertainment. We are dominant women with strong needs. we love degrading and insulting you all!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. You all are pathetic, and a sorry excuse for a human being. Did I make myself clear?