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Sunny Adele

Get Exploited and Degraded for My Entertainment

So, darling, let's be clear on a few things.

I am a goddess. I am supreme divinity. And you? You're a pig who puts on pants in the morning to try and feel like a man. You're an animal scrounging for scraps of purpose and validation, a search that will come to nothing if you keep trying to find those scraps in yourself, since a worthless creature simply can't produce anything of worth on its own. It needs input from or output to a more valuable being, who can make something of the scraps of shallow pleasure you call a life.

Lucky for you, I have use for even such lowly, grovelling shitstains as yourself. In me, you can find purpose. With me, you can embrace your status as a substandard being, and devote yourself to making me happy. Being in service to a superior woman is the highest to which perverse slime like you could ever aspire.

Of course, pathetic as you are, your options for serving me are somewhat limited. Here's what you can do for me, pick your pleasure(s):

  • Debasement:: I know you're shit, but the devil is in the details, and I intensely enjoy picking your brain for exactly what humiliating traits make you so inferior, not to mention laughing at you for getting off on my insults, disgust, and disdain.
  • Tribute: We both know the money you have can hardly be called yours; I'm more entitled to it than you'll ever be.
  • Torment: I want you to apologize for exposing your disgusting body to me, and make up for it by inflicting pain and suffering on it for my entertainment.

Here's what you're not to expect or request if you want to stay in my good graces:

  • Seeing me naked. Getting to see me is a privilege. Having me put up with looking at you is even more of one. Don't overstep.
  • Telling me what to do with my body. Positioning, any of that. You can beg, and I'll tease you as mercilessly as I like if I feel like it, but ultimately, you will be denied. Desperate pig. And clothing requests are a no-no, unless you're willing to pay exorbitantly for my agreement and I'm feeling extremely indulgent.
  • Anything resembling a girlfriend experience. We can just talk if you want, but if you're not paying me, you're worthless to me, and I will never pretend otherwise.

If you're ready to make yourself useful while expressing the respect and reverence I demand, go ahead and buy my Skype ID and call instructions. We'll go from there.

P.S.: I will not discuss rape, bestiality, pedophilia, or say n*gger or f*ggot. Nor will I have shit to do with you if you come to me with any of that. Believe me, you're not worth it.

Listen in on my quiet gasps and moans as I make myself cum twice. (4m24s)

I flake on our date to fuck another man and don’t even bother calling you until afterwards, and even then only to leave you a message of my soft, husky voice going into the details of my encounter and how you fail to measure up. (3m14s)

"You sad motherfucker." Did you call me and only last a few minutes? Say sorry via this $20 video, and have the privilege of watching the derision written all over my face as I tell you off. (<1min; oh, I'm sorry, is that DISAPPOINTING?)

Watch up close as I indulge in some self-love with my hairy armpits: playing with them gently and then rubbing them harder, combing through the hair, and throwing out the odd lick. Fair warning: it does open with me insulting you. (5m05s)

Seven pictures of my round ass in a blue thong for you to drool over and dream about; my cute ass is so thick for my size that you can see where my tiny shorts were digging into it just minutes before I took these pictures.

I'm all dressed up to go out, but my date isn't here yet, so I entertain myself by teasing you with my long legs, giving you facefuls of my black patent heels, and otherwise ignoring you and preening while I wait.

Eight pictures of me disdainfully taunting you with my body in red and black lingerie. Part 1 is aimed at lovers of face shots, front shots, tits and tummy. Though you do get garter in nearly every picture, and there are some thigh shots to serve as a delicious tease to leg lovers!

Part 2 of my Red Ruffles set! From the same red and black lingerie shoot as the first, this eight-photo set is designed specifically to target and suck in those of you who let yourself fall slave to my ass and legs. Go on, darling, indulge in a taste of what it'd be like to be mine; to be so lucky as look up at my lounging form from the foot of my bed (where you'd belong if you were anywhere near worthy of it.)