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Worldly God

☾Ꮤet ⒹⓇⒺⒶⓂ Ꮤeaver☽Ꭶit Δɲd Ꮅlay Ꮍour Юrgan .ılı.

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That's right I live on the edge. I follow you gay fucks around town noting those bad habits, and taking pictures of your sickening tricking. That wife or hubby in your oh so happy home would most assuredly scratch your eyes out if I were to hit "Send."

Yeah I looked in your mailbox, your trash, and goggled everything I found. I raided your FB and twaddled your Twitter. I know everything about your life. From the office assholes who always put you on the butt end of every joke. Down to the neighbor who gives you the stink eye because he can smell something very QUEER about you. I'm over your shoulder at the bar, but you can only feel me not see. I'm drinking with the homeless guy in a side alley as we watch you suck off a dirty dick in a filthy place. I've seen you in the stall of that peep show glory hole a light in your dead eyes. You go knee deep in spew just to get a taste of man meat with a semen smoothie to wash it down. I know what a pig you are, and if you don't pay up so will your friends, followers, and especially the loved ones!

Wouldn't it just make the day of a circle to get a Meme with your sucking face on some barstool ball licker. Something like this...

Now if you want me to keep that for my own enjoyment then be prepared to either pay up or get busy. If I contact you at 3/am to go to a floating craps game across town and suck off a room full of sweaty men. You will leave your bed and whomever might be in there, and you will go. Don't you dare go home without a sore jaw and putrid breath.

Head games are my specialty you have not lived until I make you panic during a meeting you can see me from the window waving. I txt you to meet me at a sleazy Motel because I need a pedicure. You see me stop one of the boys from the mailroom, and from a distance I can see you sweat. You txt back "I'll be there please don't say anything to him." I nod, smile, and wave as I walk away. When you get to the motel my homeless drinking buddy from the alley is waiting anxiously to have his gnarled toes beautified.

I could be anywhere there is not one person I can't seduce to play a roll in bringing your demise. They all want me, and no matter how I flay apart the things in your life you do too worship whore. That's when you know you've been forsaken by your God!

Pay Pig and Fag Bashing are also available.

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