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Surrender that Fagcash. You Know You Can't Resist.

So you're finally ready to give in to those urges, huh fag? Good. There is nothing I enjoy better than exploiting weak, pathetic faggots. Turning your own cravings and desires against you is my speciality. Your pain is my happiness, slave, and I intend to make it HURT. Open that wallet. You know where your fucking fagcash belongs.

Forced Intoxication (booze, poppers, tina)
Slow or Hard Cashrapes That Will Leave You Weak
The First Drain The Pain Is Getting Real This Is Going to Hurt So Good Pure Euphoria You Know You Need It

Master's Voice Making You Weak

You crave it so fucking bad, don't you, faggot? You only know peace when you are of use to a real man. You dream of the euphoria you feel when you click away all the money you've worked so hard to achieve into the hands of someone who actually deserves it. You know deep down inside that you deserve nothing, and I am here to fucking remind you of your true place in life - kneeling at my feet while you watch hopelessly as your bank account drains away.

Epic CashRape (Fantasy Story Part I) Epic CashRape (Fantasy Story Part II)

I will not be satisfied until you feel true pain. If you don't feel that tight knot at the bottom of your stomach, that just means you have not served hard enough! Your suffering is my happiness, and you know that my happiness is the only thing that fucking matters. So get ready to surrender yourself to the inevitable.

Give in to the urge and succumb to my will. Let me inside your mind, where I can do my damage. Allow yourself to become the true submissive cashslave faggot you know your body craves you to be.Once you get a taste, you'll never be able to stop.