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Queen Rose

Welcome to paradise my pets. I am your queen. I am the one who will rule over your world and give your pitiful lives meaning. You can now serve me and honor me the way I deserve to be. Bow down before your royal highness and learn what it’s like to live for me.

I am a findom queen who enjoys humiliation, degradation, giving out assignments, crushing men beneath my feet, chastity, bondage, and all forms of worship. To put it simply for you fools, I enjoy reveling in my position of power over men and making them my personal pets.

I am not entirely cruel but I don’t care about you, know that. I am here to make men beg for my mercy and become obsessed with me. I won’t beat the crap out of you but I will rip you apart with my words. I am not here for you, so I couldn’t care less about what you want. If you do not like me and do not find what I am appealing, then move along. I don’t need you or your money, and if you can’t appreciate the queen before you, then I don’t want to waste a second on your pitiful soul.

I use this page to sell clips and images but I also offer phone calls when I’m available. Otherwise, you would benefit from following my blog and twitter. If you really want to delve into my realm, that’s where you should get started. I am not interested in time wasters or men who like the fantasy and not the reality. I am spoiled, I am a brat, and I really don’t care about you. If you can handle that and truly want to worship my existence, then you pay up and you pay well.