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Foot fetish fashionista Ms. Chloe Madison on cam

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WARNING:I am a $uperior, dominant Humiliatrix on crystal clear high definition webcam, and this is seriously NOT your fucking phone $ex line. I'm here to dominate you, and bring you to your fucking knee$ with all of my pretty little a$$ets just like the worthle$$ pig you are! Vanilla$ beware, I don't fuck around. Be re$pectful, or I will cut you the fuck off. Not to worry your little pervert head off! I am a very bad girl and I know this body is bad as fuck and will use it to my advantage over and over again.

Now that that'$ covered try imagining my $moothe, $ilky, $hapely, nylon-clad legs wrapped around your face while Im rocking and thrusting my hips toward your begging, pouty little lips. Maybe think about me in my leather chair cro$$ing and uncro$$ing my long leg$, dangling my $tilletto$ in your face. I'll $how you just a little, then deny your a$$ while laughing my pretty little head off all the way to the fucking bank!

You'll find that I'm perfect in every single way. We both know you've been searching for me so pick up the phone and call. You'll love that I'm $o bratty and humiliating it make$ you weak in your knee$ every time you hear the breath on my lips or that little giggle on cam while I tease you with my perfect round ass. The $ound of my $tilleto$ clicking as I walk over to you, wearing nothing but my pink pantie$, garter$ and French ho$iery that I bought with your money will take you over the edge!
You'll be so me$merized by my powerful perfection, you won't realize how much money you've blown on me until it$ way too late!

$erve me! $atisfy my in$atiable materiali$tic greed, lu$t for luxury, and voraciou$ de$ire to keep you in a $weet, tortured $tate of arou$al... I'll wrap you around my perfectly manicured prince$$ finger$ and you'll forever be my little Chloe junky!

My natural $uperiority is undeniable. You can expect me to control you in a very $eductive, playfully mocking, sweet and $ubtly degrading way. You'll find your$elf a$tounded at how effortle$$ly my $weet, charming voice and $exy body on high def cam reduces you to a weak, deeply enamored, groveling Chloe puppet. Get on your knee$, and call me now!
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1. $eriously! It's your job to take care of me. I should never have to work a day in my life.

2.The more money you spend on me, the more money I spend, which totally helps the economy.

3. You'll help satisfy my needs for $PARKLY, PRETTY THING$, and everybody love all my diamonds on cam.

4.I look so much fucking better then you do spending your money.

5.Why do men go to the mall???? Chloe! That's why. Keep me where I love to be. Mankind will thank you.

6.A$ IF your loser ass has anything better to do with your money.

7.Face it. Your other hobbies blow. Spend your money knowing your going to have a great time, every time.

8.You want me to notice you right?


10.LOOK AT ME, DUH! I'M HOT! Do you really need any other reason? No!

If you agree with me, give me a call!

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