Phone Sex

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WARNING: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES EXPECT ME TO DO ANYTHING ELSE ON THIS LINE, IF YOU LEAVE ME BAD FEEDBACK FOR NOT ADHERING TO REQUESTS ON THIS LINE YOU WILL LOOK ILLITERATE. I EVEN MADE IT HUGE WRITING SO YOU CAN'T MISS IT. I have other cam listings. I do not interact on cam for anything less than $1.99 a minute. So if you call this line expect nothing from me. This is for no other services. I ignore you, you are welcome to beg, plea, cry, and whine on deaf ears all you want. I will not address you on the phone, or on the camera beyond telling you my skype ID if you don't have it (at most, better to get it on my listing anyway since it usually takes two minutes to add me for the first time on call). You are basically a fly on the wall. I don't laugh at you even. Understand this before you call save us both an unnecessary headache. I've made if very clear so there can be no misunderstanding.

My Skype ID $2.50