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Spoiled Sugar Baby

Unexpected Young Blond Knows Exactly What You Need

I genuinely love & enjoy Financial Domination. A lot of people place a strong emphasis on money; the more they have of it the more powerful they feel. Take it away from them and they feel worthless or defeated. It's a universal feeling, not just a random fetish. A lot of men who are my pay pigs aren't subs who also want to be spanked or tied up. (not that I'm opposed to either.) They're hardworking men who crave a bit of excitement in their dull, boring lives. I'm not a bratty princess who demands your money because I'm young and pretty.(Even though both are true & I do enjoy using both again you.) I take your money because I want to control you and I like humiliating you. When you hand over your hard earned money I know that you're eating cheap food or not going out drinking with your buddies because you can't afford anything better. Meanwhile I can eat at whatever restaurant I feel like going to or buying a dress without wondering if I can afford it this week or not. I have a sense of power when a sub tells me how they scrimped and saved all week just so they can send me $50. (I usually reward them with free minutes, so they can grovel more & explain in great detail how they suffer.) I also get a thrill at hearing the defeat in their voice or seeing the look of humiliation on their face as they look at the ground and give me an envelope with money in it. The feelings that are associated with financial domination are what gets me off, the money is just a bonus. I wouldn't do it if you just gave it to me and walked away with a smile on your face. It would be meaningless with no sense of superiority. Financial domination is also a good way to get to know my sub. I get a peek into what they spend their time and money on, how much they want to please me and whether or not they have the discipline to follow any budget that I decide to give them. I never beg for money and treat financial domination just as seriously as I treat any other fetish. It's a kink that many men have because they crave a strong woman. They want someone to be in control of them and tell them what they can spend their money on and how much they have to give away. Some men have a desire to feel humiliation as they give a woman money while knowing that she has no feelings for him and he's just a piggy bank for her to use. Financial domination can have a 24/7 impact, not just a 60 minute thrill that they can get by visiting a Pro Domme. They have to keep a close eye on their expenses to make sure they can keep me happy while also hiding their financial situation from girlfriends and wives. If they're in a relationship there's an added sense of risk because they can get caught by a simple slip up like paying a bill late or their partner reading a bank statement.
It can become addictive for the sub as they get hooked on whatever needs get met when they play with a Fin Domme but if the Domme is responsible it can be healthy and fun for both parties. The Domme gets a feeling of power and control while the sub gets a feeling of hopelessness at being at the mercy of someone else. If you feel that this was written about you, then you should call me right now!