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Miz Macksie

been trying to quit for years

After heart attacks and strokes...doctors are on my case...but e-cigs, gum, lozenges (allergic to patch and chantix), there is nothing comparable to lighting up a REAL cigarette. So if you want to talk about smoking..or trying to quit....I'm your woman. There's nothing like the rush of nicotine (and all the other carcinogens that get pumped into your system). None of my friends or acquaintances smoke cigarettes ~ a couple do hookah (weird flavors), or cigars (gag me). When I went to Japan, a friend took me to a hookah bar....tried it, made me ill. I really need to quit, but feel like it's AA ~ worse than drinking. I manage to quit smoking for 48-96 hrs at a time..but then, my house smells like smoke, my clothes do...and I crave one. Anyone wanting to sympathize, or help me quit for real.....or simply be turned on by women who smoke (have a secret to tell you)....give me a shout. :) Forgive the pic...was taken in NM in 2013 with pc cam. I take pics of my friends but seems no one wants pics of me. I keep trying to recruit photographer, but no luck. I have some really sweet (everything from innocent to hooker, country to sophisticate outfits), but spend most of my time in sweats or simply nude. Live alone. Other listings....same name Miz Macksie.....some told me I should charge more.......others just like who I am. So will try to get pics of smoking for this profile....and make them a bit sexier..... including feet and stockings......