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I'm not your bitch, you're mine.

I am your mistress and you are my bitch.
You will bow before me and worship the ground I walk on. You will lick the bottom of my boot when and where I command you to, or you will be punished.
I am your Lady and Mistress and I will not tolerate disobedience.
Call Button I will take over your senses and make you beg for more. Approach me if you dare, I will look upon you if the mood strikes me, I may adjust my large pale breasts in your presence. Your chub barely shows in your jeans, *tsk tsk* I turn my head in your direction as your humiliation catches my eye. What's that? You want my attention? Come here little bitch. I beckon you with a single finger and you crawl to me. If you're a good boy I may reward you... but if your bad I will punish you while you cry for more. Weep into your pillows in despair as I rip away your masculinity and use you as my play thing. And trust me YOU WILL FEEL USED WHEN I AM DONE.