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Worldly God

Trump Won SnowFlake❈GET BACK IN THE CLOSET! ☩

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On Anything Your Hard Attack Desires!
Don't settle for the Lessor Gods out there copping my act and wasting your money. I'm the OG (OriginalGod!)

By now we all know I am the Undisputed Ruler of Role Play, and The Demonic Dean of Domination. Lest thou forget Worshiper's of The Worldly God I am also the the original Kink Whisperer. I offer something far deeper than boiler plate Fag Bashing and well worn phrases.

I strive to dwell inside your mind fuck
ed mind twisting nerve endings like live wires. This soft boils the semen soaked gray matter until your head explodes in your own hands! My Mind Fuck rocks like that! For some of you the need is more subtle or just as pronounced, but in a moderated view. These are the Esoteric Spectrum of Kinks, a range of sexual turn ons diverse as the palate mix of colors in the infamous Fag Flag. A "Fiddy Shades of Gay" if you will, for those craving a Str8 Man's cruel intentions.

Some may want to play out a missed opportunity made right. Perhaps you seek a Vampire to seduce you in the night.
Could it be you would do any devious thing possible to swallow the joy juice of your Fag Hag's Boyfriend? I can wear all these seductive masks and thousands more, but only for a price. Consider me as your Faceless Man from Game of Thrones always there to provide loyal service to your perversity so long as you bring your purse.

Confess your sins be they wretched or cerebral. The Worldly God Damion shall not forsake thee or any Tableau that burdens you. For I am a merciful Worldly God, and consider All Kinks Sacred be they Filthy or Fantastic! Using my Super Powers of Description I will give them back to you as if we warped both space and time to arrive at your ball bouncing ass puckering orgasmic achievement.
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