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Worldly God

⛧♆ Lets do some Spirit Cooking ♆⛧

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I'm not going to insult your intelligence with petty bullshit like "Only True Alpha" "Best Here" "Highest Rating" yada yada yada that's amateur hour. I will say if you're scouting around this bunch of Flirts you're looking for the real deal, any click will get you something good, so here's what I bring to the table... I was raised on Devil Worship by people who took it seriously. I was a Soldier I saw ugly on a post apocalyptic scale I did ugly on an even grander scale. I became a Biker after that, and lived the thug life so hard I went to Prison. As a Convict (I'm fresh out and still on parole) I did those Alpha things that have haunted you since watching Oz on HBO. I'm not going to shit talk you, in my world if you want to be a Fag I'll treat you like one. If you want to be something else I'll give you whatever you deserve. Cock Sucker, or Sock Sucker you're still the Client, and fully entitled to "Your Kink Your Way Everyday".

I'm a Str8 Guy chicks turn me on (Check my feedback girls call me too) because of how they look. I'm also a Sadistic Bastard who can be just as aroused by a man's submission in anything from SPH to Hardcore balls to the wall BDSM & Force Fantasy. I am fascinated with warped minded sexual fetishes, and fantasies from all flavors of the rump tumbler rainbow. My own personal Kink is Dacryphillia (Arousal from others tears and sobbing) I have become so in tune with it I can whisper to your Kinks just as easily. I also possess a 139 IQ with an endlessly filthy mind, and a No Taboo all Kinks Sacred (regardless of how repulsive you are) mentality. The Thought Police can suck my fat throbbing dick! When we're together we do what we do, and it isn't anybody's fucking business how far down the rabbit hole you want to go with me. Rest assured no matter what kind of deviant you may be I got your back in freedom of extreme perverted expression.

I am happy to take your calls off the cuff, but if you want to indulge your fantasy in a detailed scenario with full immersion from the start EMAIL FIRST!

 Take our relationship to the next level buy a refined access to collective synergy.

This is an unholy trinity of devilish doctrine. Pick a Pic and Click

1. Soul Pact (Highest Pact) CUMS with Document, a Sermen MP3, and MEGA HIT story MP3 "MindFuck Miracle"

2. Blackmail Contract: Comes with Document, an Accomplace Promise MP3, and My Big Hit MP3 "Blackmail Michael"

3. Slave Compact (Lowest Pact) Comes with Document, an explanation MP3, and Hit MP3 story "Manhood Jinx" 

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