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Lady Mirth

Financial Domination your Craving and Desire

Financial Domination means so many things.

24/7 amusement ATMpig ATMtoy audit audited autorenewal bills binding blackmail bondage buyout caged captive checkbook

Let’s you and I sort out what you really want, and then make that happen! Do you want to play around with the concept, but make sure you will not be burned (that is to say for instance, your financial security so carefully laid out for your retirement will not be undermined)? In playing around the edges, we will make sure you have nice safe exit points, and we will make sure you know that I would never burn you. I may demand to see your annual income/expenses plan so I can judge how much discretionary spending you have...but I would never completely ruin you , just squeeze until it......... hurts-so-good!

coerced command commanded contract control controlled dedicate dedicated degrade degraded devote devoted dictate dictated discipline

Do you want to experience the terror of having a full power exchange to your Financial Mistress? Do you want to go purely on TRUST that you have selected a Mistress that will have compassion and kindness, even if you give Her more than enough information to ruin your life as you know it. You will lay awake nights when She says “If you behave My slave, all will be just fine!” What did She mean in the “if”? What is the “else” that She DIDN’T say!!!

display displayed drain drained dungeon edge embarrassed embarrassment extort extortion Female financial forever

We need to explore how far you really want to go. Call Me and you will be surprised how quickly we can determine that!

gifts handcuffed handcuffs heel helpless humiliated humiliation impoverished imprisonment internet involuntary lethal life locked

Some only want to give false information, knowing they are not letting themselves in for any coercion at all. Of course, they pay the price of not having experienced the terror, the thrill, the erotic high of knowing they have put themselves under the sharp tip of Mistress’ boot. So when you want more thrill, more edgy experience, you may change your mind!

longterm manipulated manipulation monitoring obedience obedient online ordered orders owned paypig payment permanent plaything

Some want to give full information, and even beg Mistress to check the information to see that it’s real, so that Mistress will become more strict, more forceful, more uncompromising. The thrill of a strong woman takes the man down to his knees. He needs to know he has surrendered, and so irrevocably.

possession prisoner public punishment regulated remote ruin rules servant shamed slave spending strict Supremacy

Again, we will explore what you want. Or, should I say, what you want right now. I grin because I know that when you have tasted Female Domination, you will want more. You will progress in how much surrender you crave.

surrender surveillance total toy toyboy track tracked trapped trust underling vulnerability vulnerable whim whip

Let’s begin now! Call Me!

If Mistress is not currently available, do email Me to arrange a mutually agreeable time. Use the SEND EMAIL button on the left border."

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