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Lady Mirth

Ignore line for the truly desparate

My dear, you have selected My Ignore line.

cuckold mock degrade masochism taunt tease cold-shoulder deride shame

You must realize that I am making a special exception just for you. This timeframe is less than convenient for Me, but I have left this one portal open for you to reach Me in case you are in such desperate need that even hearing Me sleep, take a bublebath, eat lunch, or work on my art projects might be some balm to your extreme desperation.

If you are lucky, you might hear Me in the background on another phone, and be barely able to hear what I’m saying. Of course it will be insufficient to make any sense of the conversation but you will try so hard to listen, won’t you dear! Your mind will race, you will wonder “Is She talking about me? Is She telling Her girlfriends about Her financial slave?”

So think of this line as a desperation line: all the following should be true:

1) you wanted to call My other listings, but this is the only one active, and you are so pitifully needy
2)you might go spend a fortune on a Dominatrix if you don’t calm yourself setting in my living room, in the corner, just listening, trusting your deepest desires to My velvet gloves. You KNOW how comforted and secure you feel at My feet with my boot tip on your back.
3)you might do something crazy if you can’t reach Me, like giving a Dominatrix $1000 or more, just to have her torment and tease you
4)you realize My rate is high, because you are inconveniencing Me, but spending at $10/minute here for 10 or 20 minutes of calming is SO much better than $1000 or even $2000 spent while you are in red hot heat.

- - - - - - - - - -

At the start of the call, please do tell Me in just a few sentences what your situation is. I might have some words of advice or direction from time to time during the call.

I may actually pick up the phone several times during 10 minute call to give you some reflection on what you said. For example,

If you tell me you are desperate to be used financially, and are so close to getting into blackmail trouble, I will give you some counseling about calming.
. . . . . . . Or maybe I’ll be a little devilish and tell you that I do have a special service for very, very pathetically needy financial masochists. ( I won’t detail everything here, but I can offer you a VERY LIMITED two week financial slavery contract. My promise to you is that I will tear up everything I learn about you at the end of two weeks, and you are FREE again. Now, isn’t that better than a lifetime contract that you might foolishly enter into during the next hour?)

But be warned, this call won’t turn into a non-stop conversation call, it IS an ignore line, and most of your minutes here will still be "ignore".

Or if you say your spouse or partner has discovered your NF activity, or you have lost a lot of money gambling, or other embarrassing/ humiliating events, and your self-esteem is rock bottom, then you need to confess and look to Me for guidance about how to face rest of today, and rest of tomorrow. I will pick up the phone from time to time and give you one suggestion after another. But that, My dear is solely at My whim. You will be on ignore most of the time!

Or if you say that you are just lonely, and just need to sit at My feet, in a corner, on a nice rug (not deserving to be on the chairs or sofa), then I will accept that and will just continue My activities. I will speak to you less than in the other instances listed above, but I will pick up the phone when I change activities so you are not wondering what the sounds are at My end.

I may go shopping online, fix lunch, pay bills, I may take you for a walk (I use cell phone for ignore calls).

If this listing is active, do call if you are desperate. Being a quiet little mouse in the shadowy corner of My bedroom might just be what the Mistress ordered!

Call Button

If I am not currently available, then dear, do email me to arrange a mutually agreeable time. Use the SEND EMAIL button on the left border.

I KNOW you are anxious to be ignored ... Do email me and introduce yourself . Tell me a bit about why you are experiencing this need just now. You can BRIEFLY explain! You did hear me say "BRIEFLY", right?!!! ha ha! We must keep "ignore" to 1% talk and 99% QUIET!!!!

For now I'm on a limited availability. Email Me for an appointment