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Oh you silly boy, did you really think that you stood a chance with Me?
Bless your heart! 

You have entirely the wrong equipment to get my heart pounding, only sexy Ladies can make my Panties wet. Chuckles softly, well we used to have something in common there, didn't we? 

Only difference is, that while you can only dream about making love to a beautiful woman, I on the other hand make her moan with my mouth, tongue, and let's not forget my lovely 9 inch strapon. 

Oh my my my, did I just see something jump in your pants?
Did the word strapon make you horny?
Do you enjoy the idea of being a little cocksucker or anal slut? 

I tell you what we'll do, you let me dress you up as a pretty little bitch boi,
and I'll let you get a taste of my delicious strapon cock.
Of course that means
you'll need to be locked up in a chastity device,
because I really wouldn't want you to get any bad ideas with me. 

Who knows maybe if you become really good at sucking MY Lady Cock I may take you to some Lesbian Parties or Bi-Orgies and loan you out. You'd like that wouldn't you Bitch? 

In the meantime so I am sure I can find all kinds of amusing uses for you around the house while I am having fun with my Lady Lover. If you prove yourself to be a very well behaved and generous Bitch Cuckold
I may even allow you to lick the Dildos clean and listen in at the door
while I enjoy my Love.

Now take off your pants, put on these sexy little pink panties here, and come to My Door. It's time you introduced yourself properly to Me. 

Lady Eva Germain