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Mistress Asphyxiea Eleven

Do you need a confidant? Tell me your secrects.

Come to Me and divulge your innermost thoughts. Do you need someone to talk to? I will listen. I love to hear what is lurking in the deepest recesses or your mind. We can talk about whatever is foremost in your psyche. In this unique moment I am here for you.

Come to The Cult of Eleven. Experience fulfillment of your most beautiful, deepest and hidden desires with Mistress Eleven. Have you been searching for that unique Dominant Female? A Dominatrix who truly seeks to understands you, who's desire is to wholly enrich and improve your life inside and out. To push you to be a truly exemplary example of a submissive?
Come inside, I will soothe and soften that sharp ache, that persistent need, pulsing under your skin, itching and twitching in your head. Nothing is more fulfilling, more satisfying than b11eeding for Me.
I am your Muse your Truth your dream made flesh. Pour your life out for Me, let in run from your veins, drip from your lips like a salty, sweet elixir hot and fervently. In that moment you are Mine, deeply, wholly, completely. Pour it forth, all for Me. Thrill Me, satisfy Me, sustain Me, empower Me, enrich my life with your b11ood your tribute. Put it all in my capable hands. I will take that b11ood that part of you that you can give, the part that I can feel. Make it tangible, I can't feel you quiver and quicken under my hands but I can take that part of you, your power your sacrifice and hold it, touch it, smell it, use it. That which has passed from you to me. The purity, the beauty of the exchange and your release, freely given for Me and Me alone.
You will give your b11ood your power, complete s11avery to Me will be your highest hope, craving nothing but to serve Me. As I guide you to your higher self. I will teach you discipline give your life structure, meaning, purpose. I will push you and you will beg for more. I will guide you teach you, tame you, you will find true liberation in your servitude. I will claim you, ens11ave you. You will strive to fulfill My every whim and desire. As I sculpt you into perfection. You will find the ultimate satisfaction of complete release in the shelter of My Temple of Eleven.
Do you have what it takes to be My s11ave? Prove it. Hand over your power B11EED for Me.

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