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Is the line between your fetish fantasy and reality getting blurry? Are you ready to take the next step in becoming a full fledged sissy? A fag? A cocklover? A sperm eater? Just a shadow of the "man" you once were? Here with me you can be whatever you want, then tomorrow you can go back to being a "man" at work, at the office, in front of your family...the "man" everyone thinks you are. But we know better, don't we? You yearn for the chance to taste a big cock, to lick it, to hold and caress it, maybe even a huge black cock? You long to hear Him guide you, tell you where to put your tongue, to feel His hand on the back of your head, shoving His massive meat into your mouth...and feel His throbbing body shudder as He empties a big warm load into your mouth. I can make you feel as though you're there, I can urge you on, you can rub yourself into a very, very intense orgasm listening to my sweet NZ voice. I am Miss Kim. I understand your fetishes and fantasies possibly better than you do. You want both worlds, you want to be a "man" in one world, a flaming submissive in the other, it's ok. Bring me your feminine side..

On Your Knees. You know your place. You belong on your knees in front of Your Goddess, begging for the attention of a

On Your Knees. You know your place. You belong on your knees in front of Your Goddess, begging for the attention of a Goddess. You need to be brainwashed by a cruel Mistress. You need to worship Her Sexy Body, as you yearn for her beautiful cock. The cock that you obsess over, with cum that you would do anything for. I am Kim. Dominance is my defining characteristic, and exploiting your weakness is my specialty. I know you desire what is between my legs, and you will do anything for it. you will become my cuckolded bitch or be transformed into my sissy slut, because you need to please me. and do anything for me

I am the transsexual goddess of your dreams. I turn boys into sex slaves, men into sluts and control the minds and cocks of those who adore me. Whether it's through bondage or hypnosis, I will control your body and soul, turning you into my plaything. I am the stuff of fantasies and nightmares. If you dare

You will not be the same after you come under my spell. I manipulate not only your body, sexual being and mind but your spirit as well. I take complete control. Whether this is Total Power Exchange, chastity or sissification I will transform who you are to suit my needs. Below you will find just a few of my many talents and the ways I can torment you

I am an expert in role play as well as black mail and financial domination. No matter what drives your little pecker wild, I have perfected the art and know how to use it against you. I will control you through your wallet, your penis, your mind and your soul.