Phone Sex

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I'm a hot transgirl in my twenties. I have a huge cock. I'm mean, I like to giggle and tease, and I absolutely don't care for you. The cool part is, I really do enjoy these kinks - I don't just tolerate them. I get hardcore wet when it comes to chastity, humiliation, sadism, strict protocol, hypnosis / brainwashing and other abuse. You're not getting someone who will go through the motions - you've got a girl who plays through it with passion and fire. I want to fuck you and I hope it hurts. I will rule your awful soul and claim it as my own. You are addicted to me and you can't help it~ What else is neat: I'm proficient with hypnosis! I want to make your mind blank. I will reprogram you into an object, a piece of furniture I get to play with. I have extreme fantasies about sadism and domination that might be a little scary to hear about. Oh! Oh, and I just adore money. I adore YOUR money. I'll steal from you, take, blackmail, and drain you. It will hurt. But I'm fucking worth it~