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Jade The Minx

Sinfully Sweet, yet, Unapologetically Devious...

Like spoiling a girl? Well here is a shot at it. Don't screw it up....
If you want to call me: Be polite~~ Have respect~~~Admire Women In control of EVERYTHING~~~Well Versed or have a general idea of WHY you are calling in the first place....

I'm Jade.

Miss Jade to you though.

I'm young, talented (in a plethora of ways), outspoken, sarcastic, funny, and not very generous with my time. So appreciate it if I give it to you.

Not here to force anyone to shove anything up their exit hole, or send you on various tasks. Nope, not my thing and it would bore the hell out of you and I. I'm different, but in time you will notice that.

Being a free spirited Scorpio, I enjoy adventure and challenge. Getting to know a guy and developing a genuine connection with his weaknesses excite me.

If a situation between two people isn't orchestrated the outcome is pure, raw chemistry that will last. With that said, if you are calling for an artificial fantasy, don't bother. Yes, I want you to learn to make me happy, if that's your thing. Happy as good old fashioned generosity. Cash & gifts mainly.

It is as equally important you not step on my toes either and try to force me into your comfort zone. You will get kicked to the curb for sure!

Lastly, I am a very private person. This also isn't my livelihood. I work a 9-5, have a great social circle and amazing sex life. You won't get the luxury of me being at your beck and call. If I'm free we can talk, If not, wait. Pretty simply if you ask me. Not into the webcam thing either. By the time you do convince me you're worth it, you won't even care about it anyway. However, if you want to see more of what I look like? Earn it.

Mental stimulation, supersedes masturbation any day.

Oh, you thought different? Shame on you! ---Jade