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Miss Aryanna

When fantasy becomes reality will you retreat?

Hello there, I’m Miss Aryanna. Don’t think that just because I’m “new” here means I’m inexperienced. No no my pet. I am the true definition of a Goddess. “A Goddess is a female being of supernatural powers or attributes, believed in and worshipped by a people.” Well, you are my “people” and my powers are many. From my luscious, lickable curves to my delicious, smooth voice, my ability to tease and taunt to my gift of making fantasy become reality. You will soon see that there is a reason I am referred to by small, submissive, and weak men, always, as a Goddess. You will worship me not because I force you to, but because you need me to control you.

As a student I have mastered the art of tease and denial, as well as seduction, thanks to my time spent in classrooms full of deprived men and sexy professors. Having finished my studies and become a teacher myself, I am wicked in my ways of cracking the proverbial whip.. or ruler, as it may.. Plus, as a sexy bilingual Canadian, je peux faire vos genoux faibles avec ma délicieuse langue française.

Being a musician I can honestly declare that the stereotype is true, band geeks really are as kinky, freaky, and wild as they say! God, the band camp stories I could share with you! Another stereotype that runs around the music department is how many gay boys are among us! This, again, is also true! The number of fags, sissies, cross-dressers, and cocksuckers I’ve dealt with in my school years is crazy! You can bet I’ve experienced it all with these sluts and I’m ready to take on your feminization desires!

Now, a real man, I mean, a man completely worthy of this gorgeous, young Princess, I could give up control to. There is nothing hotter than having a strong, sexy guy overtop of me, holding me down and making –me–submit for a change. Masters, pervs, BBCs and sexy men are certainly welcome here!

Miss Aryanna