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I am a 38 year old experienced Pro Domme. Cam Mistress, Slave Owner, and Goddess to an ever growing hoard of slaves, subs, trainees, sissies, pets and cum sluts. My interest in the opposite sex is non-existent unless it entails financially draining you. "Men" (for lack of a better word) are just a tool, a prop and a means for me to get exactly what I want and need. I have the sweet spoiled face of a angel, but don’t let that fool you. I can go from semi-sweet, to sadistic, femme fatale faster than you can blink. Im bossy, spoiled, greedy, selfish, and could care less about how you would like to maintain your lifestyle. I am a master of humiliation and blackmail. I show no mercy.. I am dominant by nature. My natural power, femininity, intellect and creativity will excite, astound and terrify you. Very soon, the only thing you will be able to think about, is serving and worshiping Me. Your comfy lifestyle is no longer your own.. it will be mine. If you are not ready to risk it all .. you dont want to fuck with me... because I want it all... This is my "kink" Some would call me PRO DOMME.. But I don't agree... Creative unsympathetic bitch here and I am seeking a Long term mutually beneficial online relationship... I would CONSIDER meeting in RT however dont get yoru hopes up.. You could be crazy.. i mean you already show signs dont you? Indeed you do. I am not here to make friends.. I am here to be WORSHIPED! Don't let my looks fool you. I'm a sweet faced great personality girl with a cold heart, and extremely selfish ways when it comes to so called "men". I am strong Domme female in search of a little pathetic bitch of a boi that knows his place is to be used and humiliated but me for my personal amusement. I also love my sissy's. I consider myself having a Pussy Power fetish. One that knows she is the superior sex and believes little bitch boys should live and breath pleasing me. This boy should stop at nothing to please his Mistress and "NO" is not in his vocabulary when it comes to his Mistress. Wallet Rape, Financial Domination, financially enslave, cash piggy's, being spoiled, and any other related term IS what I am into. I simply love my slaves to do for me. You dont have to be rich.. you dont have to give me more then you can afford but you must be able to show your appreciation of being able to serve me. Nor do you do not have to be all of the above but effortlessly generous. This is my kink, my turn on, my pleasure as your kinks are yours. This is what at the end of the day makes me happy, excited and aroused. This doesnt have to be YOUR thing but it is MINE. If this is not you? Simply move on.