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❤ Name: Nicole

❤ Age: 21

❤ Favorite color: hot or pastel pink but I also love pastel pink with banana yellow swirl. Soooo pretty!

❤ Hobbies: laying out, getting massages, reading Vogue, nail art, and throwing parties!

❤ Favorite tv show: Barbie: Life In The Dreamhouse

❤ Favorite ice cream flavor: vanilla caramel. Yum!

Oh my god that's me like 100%, I mean DUH I didn't get these FFF tits for them to be ignored! I'm the kind of girl who totally understands what I am and doesn't mind at all being constantly reduced to nothing but sex on a stick... arm candy.... a dense little cock toy, A total fucking slut! No need for me to pretend to be all smart and stuff. My FWB (friend with benefits!) Bruce said it best "Nicole, Don't worry your pretty little head about books and learning, just keep practicing your gag reflex." Best advice EVER!

Haven't you always wanted a young, big-titted bimbo nympho slut? A cockslurping little whore who just L❤VES to play her position? I'm here and I'm waiting like a fiend for my next taste of cock!

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