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: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

INFERIORS, READ FIRST PARAGRAPH BEFORE CALLING: If for hypnosis, try my FREE files first to get used to my style & triggers. I much prefer to help people explore their desires and fantasies with the hypnosis; not so much about telling people what to do. Indicate if you'd like a standard or erotic/stroke session (I'll try to ask but am so used to standard, sometimes I forget). Have at least 25 minutes in your account if asking for hypnosis. I do sometimes spend less time on inductions on Niteflirt calls than elsewhere due to it being per minute, so if you don't get deep, still give my files a try, you may have better luck. If you want just a quick jerk, do NOT ask for hypnosis as you won't enjoy the time I do spend on an induction and I'm perfectly capable of using my sexy Dominant voice for other fantasies if they are well communicated and up my alley (feel free to send me a message first if you are unsure). I do admit much of my positive feedback is from my recordings, but I have had some good feedback too on just straight-up erotic talk, so feel free to get to know me and give me a try.

I know what you need... you need a true Superior skilled with hypnosis to help you accept those desires you have been struggling with deep down. Maybe desires to tribute another man. Maybe desires to be more sexual. Maybe desires to serve and be a good boy. Maybe desires to be a dumb jock or musclehead.

Whatever your desires, hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you accept those yearnings as well as overcome any inhibitions so you can truly be free to explore. And if what you want isn't possible, hypnosis is an excellent way to allow the fantasy to feel more real. So relax... take a deep look inside and let me know - what is your deepest desire?

Even if I'm not on, I've provided you with many hypnotic mp3 files & recorded sessions. To discover them all, check out my blog for financial domination, with even more great files & recordings listed at and Then find a place to get comfortable, feel that body getting heavy, and just drift down as you soak in my voice and open yourself up to change.

I do hypnosis for all sorts of areas, including muscle motivation etc. so just let me know what you want to experience as I take you down, down, down into trance.

So call now for real hypnosis... or if you'd rather just jerk as we talk, let me know what you're into and we can have a nice sexy chat. Whether we just chat, do a light session as you stroke into light trance, or if you want the real thing with a full induction to put you into that nice deep sleep... call now.

Be sure to send a nice big tribute through the option at the left or my blog. After all, isn't that what many of you are really here for? And once you experience my hypnosis, you'll know without a doubt that you have found a true Superior worthy of your money.

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