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: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Have you ever dreamed of being a superhero? Are you the socially awkward professor who dreams of being seduced by the naughty co-ed? Are you the valiant knight who storms the castle to rescue the Princess? Then call Me and get ready to live out your fantasy!

Hi, I'm Kiriel. The best way to describe Me is "bookish" or maybe "nerdy." Have you ever fantasized about the quiet, buttoned up librarian who transforms into a passionate vixen behind closed doors? That's Me. My geeky tendencies find their way into My sex life through My love of role-playing scenarios. With more than 20 years of theater/RPG experience under My belt, I can act out almost any scenario and make it feel authentic.

PLEASE NOTE: When you call, you should be prepared to spend a few minutes answering questions about the role-play scenario you desire and any fetishes you want to include. I will also ask about the things that turn you off so I know what to avoid. I want to know as much about your desires and boundaries as possible so I can make the experience great for both of us. The better you are at communicating these things, the faster this part will go.

I've been involved in the BDSM lifestyle for over a decade and I enjoy a wide variety of kinky activities ranging from the sensual to the sadistic. I do have some Hard limits - things I will NEVER do under any circumstances. These include:

ANYTHING to do with kids or animals
Body fluids of any kind (toilet, menstruation, etc.)
Incest including "step" relatives
Blackmail or other illegal acts
Rape Fantasies
Age Play/ABDL
Race play

If you contact Me and ask for anything on My list of Hard Limits, I will block you!

Other than those specific things, I'm willing to try anything once. More if I like it.

I like good, old-fashioned vanilla sex too, so call Me and let's play!


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