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master boston

experienced master and hypnotherapist

How long has your need been there? How long have you needed to serve someone who would control you completely? That's what I provide, complete control and domination. BDSM is not something I simply do online or on the phone. It's how I live my life, 24/7. Part of the price of serving me is surrendering control of your finances. Just as I will control you sexually and in other ways, I will control you financially. What do you need? to be forced to save money? to become debt free? to be financially ruined? to be forced to live on a budget? By the way, that's why it's called tribute or offering. It's what a vassal, the subordinate, humbly offers his Lord and Master in exchange for what his Master provides. What I provide is control. Control of you, control of your activities and, yes, control of the money for which you work so very hard. Anyone can demand your money. And, you might send them some...for a while. Then, the excitement wears off as they fail to deliver on their promises. Only a very few can dominate you, hypnotically and otherwise, to the point that you'll surrender your finances to their control, trusting that they will do what they promise to do. I understand what you need. And, as a successful business owner in the "real world" I understand how money works. Whether you need to be dominated into financial success or financial ruin, I will provide that intoxicating and humiliating "high" you so desperately need. 40$ tribute 60$ tribute 80$ tribute 100$ tribute 400$ tribute