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Sharon Johnson

Down To Your Knees And Worship

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There is something about the thought of being a man wanting to make me happy in all kinds of ways. I want a man who will give me the ultimate surrender to have you down on your knees and worshiping me in every way. I like the thought of having a man that is my twenty four hour playmate maybe one with an apron fetish who just can not get enough of being mine. In order to get the orgasm that you desire you have to be my perfect submissive boy. There needs to be a lot of kissing all over my body centralized on my big round ass. When you are bad I will pin you underneath me and spend some time face sitting you do not need to breathe do you? Your whole world is about being my cum swallower doing everything you can to give me pleasure. I do not want a brainless druid how just does what he is told. I want you to work hard to do the best for me get creative have some fun with it. We will both enjoy the journey.

What happens when a husband leaves the country for long amounts of time? I happen that is what. I am married to a man that is vanilla by all aspects and he is rarely home. I need to have some fun and have no one to have it with. That is why I started playing on here. This is my little secret well this and that big box of toys in my closet that just keeps getting bigger. I am discovering that I like to be in charge. I really enjoy when a man looks up at me with those eyes. You know the ones that dart between desire and fear. There is something about a man when he gets a little twitch of anticipation as I caress his testicles with my very long sharp nails. I really enjoy making a man worship my body parts each and every one of them slowly making him adore every bit of my skin. The rush as I make his cock hard and then drain him over every drop. If you are like me and hiding from boring spouse to have some fun lets have it together. Perhaps you are looking for an older mature woman that knows what she wants is not afraid to tell you. Whatever your desires lets explore them together. I am tired of vanilla and definately need some spice.
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